You Own It
Self Storage Shed

Permanent Self Storage unit on your own property
Payments as low as $135.00 per month.

Right side view of a 12' x 12' self storage shed

Have the convenience of self storage at your location, and turn those monthly rent payments into investments in your property!

The size of the self storage unit shown is 12' x 12' (inside measurement) with nearly double the floor space in the attic above! This size self storage unit will fit in very small back yards, as seen here. In addition to self storage, these units can be used as workshops or even as a children's play house in the attic space above. Larger sizes up to 800 square feet are available.

Basic construction is similar to most self storage facilities:

Additional features of You Own It Self Storage units not common to most self storage facilities include:

Optional self storage features that can be added:

Quality construction by:
Concrete and masonry work by Keeton Enterprises Inc.
( Since 1982
Aluminum, roof and inside structure by Phelps Aluminum Supply, LLC.
( Since 1954
Construction completed within 60 days from start. Call, text or email for free price quote and financing options.

Contact Rick Keeton:
Phone: 386-717-7033