The services page features just a few of our types of work. There are more pictures on the pictures page.

Back porch of home, including concrete slab and surrounding masonry work done by Keeton Enterprises Inc.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are one of our common jobs. Pouring the concrete driveway, building the brick skirting around the home, and building the steps up to the door if required are all part of the process for building manufactured homes, and we do it all!

A side view of a 12' x 12' You Own It Self Storage Shed

U Own It Self-Storage

The U-Own-It Self-Storage shed is perfect for all your working and storage needs. The 12' x 12' area in this brick and concrete shed has plenty of storage room, including a massive attic loft for extra storage. See more here.

This stone and block work and concrete under the tile was done by Keeton Enterprises Inc.

Specialty Work

A good portion of our work is special requests from customers. Many situations call for very specific and detailed concrete or masonry work. Whatever you need done, we can do it.